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Before We Start...

It's essential to to have these two assets before creating your website:

Logo: A high-quality, professional logo.

Professional Brand Photos: High-quality, professional photos in their original format that truly represent your brand.

Holistic Alignment Chiropractic Care. Providing you with the tools to restore your freedom, heal within, and live a healthier life

Website Redesign on Wix Platform

Website and Branding Strategy

Website Copy  

Dr. Brianna Ortiz

Services Provided:

Author Robin Pendleton

Robin is a dubbed bookworm and has been in the writing industry for over 12 years. She focuses on creating emotionally resonant stories that intertwine faith, personal growth, and relatable experiences.

Services Provided:

Website Design on Wix Platform

Website and Branding Strategy

Glamour Locks

Welcome to Glamour Locks, where hair dreams come true! 💇‍♀️✨

Glamour Locks is the #1 express luxury hair salon located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Salon owner Stephanie Rodriguez was in need of a website design that captured the luxurious, relaxing, and stylish copasetic of her salon.

Services Provided:

Landing Page Package
Website Copywriting

Toya Sweets & Custom Cakes

Latoya Forbes-Jones is a custom cake specialist based out of Brandon, MS. She came to Foundation Works wanting to create a professional website to showcase her talents, grow her business, and provide a seamless way to connect with her clientele.

Services Provided:

Website Design on Wix Platform

Website and Branding Strategy

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