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Web Design Package Deals

Affordable website design package deals for new and established small business ready to transform their online presence!

Rebrandit Website Package

Congratulations!  Your business has now reached the growth and scale phase. Even though the business has grown, your website doesn't necessarily reflect it and now every time you refer someone to your site you always have to to add extra commentary to explain who you are and what all you have to offer? 

You want a website designed so beautifully even you have to convince yourself that it's really yours! Although you are passionate about what you're called to do, Website Design is not one of your many talents and you're online presence does not reflect where your currently are in your business

Is this you?


You have the knowledge but you know that DIYing won't give you lasting impactful results

Your current website is outdated and you shamefully plug that saying in everytime you refer someone to your website

Frustrated with your website aesthetics because it doesn't reflect your current growth or convert

Ouch-- if I just stepped on your toes then get ready because I'm about to break your foot! Your current website is likely the cause of low paying clients, not sold out events, and the slight shame that you carry around on your shoulder about your business. You're in need of a Rebranded website design that reflects your current accomplishments, boosts your confidence, positions you as the expert in your industry, and builds trust with your customers/clientele. 

the process

How I Lay The Foundation


Phase 1


To start the process, we will have a 1hr strategy call to discuss your website goals. Together we will map out the following:

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Aesthetic

  • Target Audience/ Ideal Client

  • Unique offering

  • Branding message and voice


Phase 2


After our session, I will gather my notes to start my homework and assign you yours! I'll create your brand aesthetics mood board while you work on crafting your website copy using our Website copywriting guide and gathering supporting content needed for website execution. We will present our homework to eachother to make sure we're on the same page!


Phase 3

website design

Once the foundation is laid, I will take all the deliverables and start crafting your professional website. I will provide updates and give you website viewings along the way so that you may give feedback and confirm the direction of the website.


Phase 4

successful launch, & learn

Launch your website with confidence and begin building your online presence ! Post launch you will receive training videos where you'll hear from our Retail Analyst on website maintenance + upkeep and best website business practices for new small businesses


Rebrandit Website Package



What's included?


  • Website copywriting guide

  • Ideal Client Profile

  • Website & Branding Strategy Call

  • Branding color guide & recommendations

  • Branding mood board & typography recommendations

Website Design

  • Wix Customized website design compatible on HP, Mac, Tablet, & Mobile

  • Maximum of 4 page layout

  • Domain & Wix plan setup

  • Social media links integration

Website Education

​(Because we don't just design the website and leave you hangin')

  • Website Maintenance & upkeep training videos

  • Best Website business practices for small businesses from an experienced Retail Analyst

Brands I've



Meet Kalen

Founder, Website Designer, & Retail Analyst

Hey, I'm Kalen! I'm an entrepreneur and website designer who is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs transform their online presence and achieve success. I have an eye for digital creativity and through resources and education, I provide you the tools you will need to launch your website as well as teach you how to maintain it throughout the duration of your business. My background as a Retail Analyst has allowed me to work with brands to clean up their content, increase their online presence, and ultimately win online! Whether you're designing a new website or fixing up an old one, I am here to help guide you along the way!

Image by Marissa Grootes

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